Social responsibility

Helping People to a Better Life

On the Way While ApexWoundCare Is Launching

ApexWoundCareTM Irrigation System was approved by CFDA to sell in China in July , 2016. The system is composed of two parts, Apexwoundcare pulsed irrigation device  and Apexwoundcare waste collection bags.

We then started to search for volunteers to do the clinic trial. A home care center responded us and said they have one patient with serious venous ulcer and asked for help. 

This patient is 54 year's old male, has the lower leg ulcer infection for many years and it is still deteriorating. The infection is uncontainable as said by the hospital doctor who is taking care of him.

We agreed to provide Apexwoundcare irrigation system to apply on this patient. During our first site visit to the hospital, the nurse and doctor all applauded the device, said they themselves are well-protected during irrigation of the wound and the wound infection has disappeared.

After 3 weeks, the wound is healing but slowly. We checked in detail of the patient and found that he is mentally retardant somehow, and what surprised us is that he has no sufficient nutrition, and even not enough clothing to keep him warm, nobody takes care of him. So we decided to help him all-around with food, clothing and daily care to hire one of his home-care mates to give him special care.  

Below is some pictures of Apex welfare care-taking activities:

1.The patient


2. Using Apexwoundcare system

3. His wound area is shrinking by 40% on 43rd day. The righ is the before using Apexwoundcare system. and the right is after 43rd day irrigation.

4. Loren Lu, Emma Mou from Apex, are inspecting the wound together with the doctor.
5. All 25 poor people in the homecare center received the heavy coat and shoes donated by Apex. All are happy to have a warmer body in this winter. The homecare center is located in center China Hubei Province, there is no heating facility in this whole province. The other 24 people were enviously looking at us to help the patient with clothing and food, so we decided to give each of these people warmth.